Your Resume, A Valuable Tool

Your Resume is Your Most Valuable Job Finding Tool...
and Our Most Valuable Resource

Bayside has gained a reputation for superior customer service. That reputation has been built on our ability to provide people with the skills and experience our clients need, when they need them. Having your resume on file is essential to Bayside helping you find the job you’re looking for. We also recognize that by making your resume available to us, you are helping Bayside serve its clients. That’s why we consider your resume such a valuable resource.

Sometimes positions are advertised, but usually we locate qualified candidates based on the resumes we have on file. To ensure that Bayside always has a current version of your resume on file, take the time to update your resume on a regular basis.

Submit Your Resume Once Gain access to hundreds of positions

In order to provide prompt response to the diversity of staffing support our customers require, we need resumes of all kinds, covering every imaginable discipline and skill level. If you want to be considered for positions as they come available, we need your resume on hand ... ready for review.

Whenever one of our clients has a position that even remotely matches your skills and experience, your resume will be reviewed for its applicability. When we pull up your resume, we also reference notes from our most recent contact with you. Those notes tell us what you want us to know: Are you actively looking, or currently employed? If so, do you want us to keep considering you? What rate of pay do you expect? Are you willing to relocate?

Completely Confidential - Absolutely NO obligation

You enter into absolutely no obligation by submitting your resume to Bayside. Bayside charges no fees to its employees at any time during or after placement. Before submitting your name as a candidate for an available position, we will contact you to see whether or not you wish to be considered. If you are offered an assignment, you decide whether the position, the wages, and the terms are right for you. Bayside guarantees complete confidentiality. We will never do anything with your resume without your permission ... EVER!

Bayside USA - An Equal Opportunity Employer

Bayside USA is an equal employment opportunity employer. It is our company policy to provide equal opportunity to all persons based on ability and fitness to perform job duties regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, marital status, veteran status, or the presence of any physical, mental, or sensory handicap (unless based on a certified occupational qualification).

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